Birth of Sri Hanuman Ji

Birth of Sri Hanuman Ji

Anjana, who became the mother of Hanuman Ji, was one of the sixteen matrikas. The matrikas are adored and worshipped ladies of celestial, astral and material planes of the universe. Once Anjana assumed the form of a lady tourist visiting Svah planet, a few million miles beyond the polestar. She arrived in the assembly of Indra, the king of Svah planet. Some how the king was attracted to her and requested her to make love with him. She rebuked him severely and said, who would like to make love with you, a fallen one with the signs of a thousand eyes!”

King Indra could not bear this insult and cursing her, he replied, “You are very vain because of your beauty. You will be born in the monkey faced Vanara race”.

While Indra was cursing Anjana, Anjana’s dearest friend Adrika (out of love for Anjana), tried to insult Indra by meowing like a cat. Indra then cursed her saying, “You will become cat faced in your next life!”

In course of time, both friends were born as the twin daughters of Kunja, a Vanara knight. When they grew up, Keshari, a famous knight of the Vanara race. Married both of them. Then, one day while, Keshari was in meditation at the southern seashore, Maharishi Agastya became the atithi of Keshari. Both of Keshari’s wives welcomed the unexpected guest and served him whole heartedly. Agastya was highly satisfied and told the wives to ask for any boon they wished.

“I want the mightiest son, who will be highly bold and strong in the world. Totally devoted to universe welfare,” Anjana requested.

“So be it,” Maharishi Agastya approved the wish for both of them, and in due course of time, Anjana gave birth to Sri Hanuman Ji who became all powerful and Adrika gave birth to a son, Adri by name, who became governor of all the goblins.

Soon after Maharishi granted the boon, Maharishi Agastya realized that Lord Shiva himself was going to be born as the son of Anjana. He ordered her to go to meditate on the hill Venkatadri in Vrishabhachal on the bank of Akashaganga. This was the most appropriate place to materialize her desire. Thus, one day, she was absorbed in a long meditation, the wind God appeared and said, “Adorable devi, I am pleased with you. You will attain a mighty son, one who will not be affected by any weapons whatsoever. I shall become your son myself. He will be equal to me in power and speed. Thus saying, the wind God infused his light into mother Anjana.

Great souls seldom move from their celestial abodes unless there is a mission for them to fulfill. Then the whole creation awaits their advent. In the same way, there were do many reasons for the advent of Sri Hanuman ji. The natural instinct of Keshari was to wander around to different holy places, and when ever found a scenic garden he used to sit in long meditation. Once, while he was residing in Gokarna (a holy place of Lord Shiva near Goa), he found a great monster, Shambasadana, continuously persecuting the holy saints who were residing there. Keshari confronted this monster and hit him forcefully with his fist. There was a great wrestling match and at last Keshari was successful in slaying him.

All of the rishis were extremely happy with Keshari’s feat and blessed him so that he might attain an almighty, enlightened son, who would become very hot tempered to any unjust act. They then offered a very powerful mantra of Lord Shiva. After Keshari had been repeating this powerful mantra, Lord Shiva appeared and blessed him, and Lord Shiva’s light entered into Keshari’s body. Keshari felt as if he was no longer a mortal. When the rishis saw him full of effulgence they suggested that he return to his home.

At the same moment, Anjana returned home after receiving her boon from the wind God. When she saw her husband after such a long time she was filled with rapturous joy and fell down at his feet. Keshari was overwhelmed with love. He raised her u with his two arms and embraced her, and for some time they became one in that universal silence. Keshari did not remain Keshari and Anjana was no longer Anjana, they became one in love trance and in that love trance Shiva’s light, which was abiding in Keshari was transmitted to Anjana. She felt as if bathed in effulgent bliss, light, and grace. Now Keshari became as he was before the visit of Lord Shiva. All of Lord Siva’s effulgence was transmitted to Anjana.

Anjana abandoned that special simple dress which she had adopted in the time of separation from her dear husband. She wore instead a gorgeous silk sari, golden necklaces, a crown earrings embedded with gems and jewels. She was adorned beautifully! The husband and wife began to enjoy in the groves on the top of the mountain.

On the planet Bramha, which is situated about one hundred and sixteen million miles above polestar, there was a nymph whose name was Suvarchala. She was very fond of blossoming, fragrant flowers. Once she rushed to some flowers in the assembly of Bramha. The creator, Brahma, is found of good manners and certain formalities and was not pleased with Suvarchal’s impulsive action he cursed her saying. “You, being born into the race of gods, possess no patience, so you will become a crow”,

Suvarchala repented and, falling at his feet, asked for a pardon from Lord Brahma, He mercifully forgave her and said, “In the silver age, on planer Earth, king Dasjaratha will receive a bowl of diving rice pudding after his ceremony of putreshthi yajna. He will then distribute it among his three queens. You woll take away queen Sumitra’s share, and then by the touch of that divine, blesses rice pudding you will attain your original form and come to my planet again.”

The time described by Brahma arrived and king Dashatatha was performing his fire sacrifices festivity on the bank of the holy Sarayu river. It was definitely an interplanetary festivity. King Dasharatha fed millions of guests. He offered almost all of his property and empire to enlightened rishis, which they, in turn, gave back to him after accepting a small exchange.

A huge masculine form then arose from the sacrificial fire with a bowl of celestial rice pudding in his hand. His body was red like ultraviolet rays. He had long golden hair, a long beard, and large eyes. He spoke like a rumbling cloud, saying, “My dear king Dasharatha, the gods of higher planets are highly satisfied with you because of your sacrificial festivity, and they have sent you this rice pudding, let the queens respectfully eat it and then they will give birth to four incomparable babies who will redeem the earth from all the evil forces.”

The whole assembly of saints, kings, and rishis were all silent while the king was distributing the rice pudding among his queens. As soon as the king placed a protion in the open palms of Sumitra, Suvarchala, in her form as a crow, jumped as it. She held it fast with her legs and beak and flew away high into the sky. Kousalya ans Kaikeyi, the other two queens, shared their porting of pudding with Sumitra. Thus Sumitra gave birth to two babies.

As soon as the crow rushed to the open sky there arose a heavy wind and hurricane. The bird stumbled and the rice pudding was touched by her body. Immediately she regained her celestial form and the body of the crow fell down to earth. The wind god then took the bowl pudding and appeared on the hill top groves where the couple, Anjana and Keshari, was wandering. The wind told Keshari and Anjana that he had come there to offer them with celestial rice pudding,

“Allow Anjana to eat it and she will give birth to the mightiest child, a boon I was granted her some time ago.”

After receiving the order from her dear husband, Anjana accepted the bowl of rice pudding. Feeling much joy she put it against her heart and head and then wind

God disappeared. Anjana ate the pudding and became pregnant. Soon after, as demigod races do not require the full nine months in womb, she gave birth to Sri Hanuman ji on Tuesday, in the month of October. This is why all great devotees of Sri Hanuman ji observe a fast on Tuesdays. Then take only fruits and milk products, and communicate with Sri Hanuman ji.

Sri Hanuman ji was born completely adorned with golden crown, gemmed earrings, underpants and sacred thread. He was yellowed eyed and there was golden hair all over his body.